Good Sports: Moriah Faulk

FRESNO, Calif.

"I guess going back to UCLA is going to feel good playing in front of my old teammates and it's just like home court advantage almost for me," said Bulldog Guard Moriah Faulk.

Redshirt Sophomore Moriah Faulk began her collegiate career at UCLA before transferring. A top-flight high school player at Santa Monica High, Faulk says a coaching change left her looking for a new school.

"The staff that recruited me out of high school ended up leaving and going to LSU, and I had adapted to the team and built relationships with everyone, and I didn't want to leave without giving it a shot," added Faulk.

Enter Raegan Pebley and Fresno State. Faulk had been recommended to Fresno State by a friend. Pebley was more than happy to welcome her to the Central Valley.

"I thought the way Mariah plays fits this system that we run really well. And then she would just grow as a woman. And that's the most important thing," said Pebley.

"When I took a visit here, I automatically felt like I had known them for a long time. That made the decision really easy actually. Just the connection I have with them, it's great," added Faulk.

And this season, she has thrived as the first player off the Fresno State bench. She scored a season-high 27 points in December against Portland. And has impressed teammates with her quiet leadership on and off the court.

"She plays hard for people she loves. And that she loves her teammates more than anything. And I think that's why we've seen her really invest into the program," said Pebley.

And now all that's missing is an NCAA tournament win on her old home court. No one is looking forward to the Nebraska game more than Moriah Faulk.

"Knowing the program's legacy and going to the tournament, I mean I chose Fresno State to do what we're doing on Saturday, so I guess I made a great choice," said Faulk.

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