Body of young woman found in Kings County field


The body was discovered by a canal near Virginia Avenue and Sixth Avenue in a remote area of southern Kings County last Friday.

Kings County Sheriff Dave Robinson says the woman was murdered within the last two weeks.

Sheriff Robinson said, "When I say recent, based on the body and it's decompensation rate at the scene it definitely appears like it hasn't been out there very long so within the last few days, maybe a week to two weeks."

Investigators say the woman is in her 20s to early 30s and had obvious trauma to her body. Sheriff Robinson says they don't believe she was killed where she was found. Evidence at the scene shows she was left there intentionally, in a remote area of Kings County just six miles from the Kern County line.

"Easily recognizable that it wasn't just somebody who was a farm laborer or someone working in the area or something like that," said Sheriff Dave Robinson. "The body had been placed there and there was some evidence at the scene to indicate that."

Investigators are thankful an employee from the Bureau of Land Management happened upon the discovery during a routine, monthly inspection last Friday morning. Now the sheriff's office is reaching out to neighboring counties, to determine if any women in missing persons reports, match the description of their victim.

Sheriff Robinson added, "We're glad somebody discovered it when they did so that way it enables us to have the best possible chance of preserving the scene especially with the possible storm coming through this week."

An autopsy is being performed on the woman's body, but it's unlikely that any results from it will be released to the public.

Deputies want to preserve any details, as they work to find out who she is and what happened to her.

If you have any information you're asked to call the Kings County Sheriff's Office.

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