Crossroads nightclub shooting victim talks to ABC30

FRESNO, Calif.

Fresno police say someone shot the woman and her husband inside the Crossroads nightclub in Central Fresno late Sunday Night. Janee Tatum's husband underwent surgery to remove two bullets.

Herman Tatum is a patient at Community Regional Medical Center. He is recovering from a several gunshot wounds- but, it's nothing compared to his heartache. Tuesday he was wheeled across the street because he wanted to talk about his wife and what she meant to him. She is not expected to survive.

The past two days have been painful for Herman Tatum. He was shot twice in the back and is healing. His wife of almost two years, Janee Tatum has been declared brain dead.

Herman told ABC30, "For her to not be able to talk to me, me to not be able to hear her, it's killing me."

While he's recovering from his own injuries. He's been allowed to spend time with his wife, even lie next to her.

"Even though she is non responsive and stuff right now, I am able to get rest just being next to her," said Herman. "You know, it's just hard man."

Between the two of them, Janee and Herman have four children together. Herman says they enjoyed riding motorcycles, cooking and raising their kids hand in hand.

"I mean you have support, you have family support, until you have that person that you come home and no matter how bad your day was or what you are going through they got your back- I'll miss that," said Herman. "I miss it now and it's only been a few days."

Herman is leaving it up to police to track down the suspect who opened fire in the bar that investigators say had at least 50 people inside at the time. The bar was hosting their weekly Sunday Funday event.

Herman had only one word to describe the moment his entire world changed.


Crossroads remains closed indefinitely.

Police have not made any arrests in the case. But they say a gang appears to have targeted the couple.

Herman says even though his wife is brain dead, he isn't ready to let her go yet.

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