Closing arguments heard in Madera teen love triangle murder

FRESNO, Calif.

Prosecutors say Dustin Gran's personal safe hid enough evidence to prove he's the killer. They say police found a towel with Krista Pike's blood on it as well as three guns that didn't belong to Gran. They belonged to Krista's fiancé, Thomas Hollier.

Prosecutor Miguel Valdovinos said Krista suffered a brutal death when Gran hit her in the head with a dumbbell, then used a knife to finish what was essentially an assassination.

The motive, he said, was jealousy on the part of Brittny Navarra, the scorned ex-girlfriend to Krista's fiancé. Text messages from Navarra's phone to Gran's on the day of the killing prove the conspiracy, according to prosecutors.

One of them simply read "Go ahead. Kill her." But Gran's attorney said there's no proof Gran read any of the more than a dozen messages. And he said some witnesses lied about the supposed conspiracy to commit the murder.

If the jury finds Gran guilty, they'll start right back up again with the sanity phase because he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. That could take a few more weeks.

Navarra will then have her own trial in May or possibly as late as August.

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