Fresno County Sportsmen's Club dispute heard in court

FRESNO, Calif.

The two people who claim to be the club's rightful leaders showed up in court to ask a judge to rule in their favor.

This fight is far from over between Steve Starcher and Doug Bowman. Both men aren't backing down, and both are filing restraining orders against the other person.

The two men showed up in court to make their case about why the other man is bad for the club.

Last week, tensions hit an all-time high, and Fresno police were called in to throw everyone out of the club.

That's because Steve Starcher and Doug Bowman are currently fighting to take the president's job.

Starcher claims he's the newly elected president. He thinks members want a change because Bowman is bad for business, unstable, and runs the organization through scare tactics.

Bowman who has been president for several years said Starcher is a total fraud. He believes he illegally took over the club and is now even stealing club money. Thursday, he declined to speak with us, so we heard from his attorney.

Attorney Lenden Webb said, "Worst case scenario is the club will be stripped away from the people who have been running it and put in the hands of the people who have allegedly usurped power in an improper manner."

"Lately he has been out of control and he doesn't realize that he's not Vladimir Putin, he is not a Putin," said Starcher. "He is not a dictator, we live in America and this is a democracy and the people and the members have spoken."

A judge is expected to make the ruling Friday about that restraining order.

The Sportsmen's Club is actually open right now but if you do have an event planned -- you're encouraged to call ahead to make sure it isn't cancelled because of this very public legal battle.

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