Vigil held for 3 teens shot, killed at Merced Co. house party in 2013

MERCED, Calif.

One year after gunfire claimed the life of their 16-year-old girl, the Parreira family still hurts when they think of everything they lost. Her mother spoke with Action News during the vigil about the pain she'll always carry.

"I am not going to get to see grand babies. I'm not going to get to see weddings, or colleges, not even her high school graduation because they took something so precious from me," said Desiree Parreira.

During Easter weekend last year, Samantha Parreira was one of three young people killed in a shooting, which took place at a house party in the Atwater area. Matthew Fisher, 19, and Bernabed Hernandez-Canela, 18, died in the violence, and two others were wounded. Merced County Sheriff's investigators say gang members who thought members of a rival gang were at the party are responsible.

"To let these people know that our kids are killing each other. Our generations are killing each other," said Desiree Parreira.

Family members are frustrated because they want the suspects off the streets. They say until then, three lives were lost in a senseless attack.

"It's crazy that no one said anything," said Mary Miller, a family friend. "If you're scared, don't be. Just say something, give them some kind of idea of what happened. Give the families closure so they know what happened."

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