New and embarrassing details come out in Kyle Pennington case

FRESNO, Calif.

Kyle Pennington has been accused of much more than hitting his former girlfriend. During their relationship last year, she told the court he made a habit of belittling her, criticizing her and cutting off nearly all contact she had with friends and family.

The controlling didn't end there, according to the victim. She said Pennington also hampered an investigation by Clovis police after officers began looking into claims of domestic abuse.

"He was telling me to say that I confused my relationship with my ex-boyfriend and to say that I was really drunk that day and that I didn't know what I was talking about."

Pennington looked straight ahead, rarely at the woman who said he even typed out a summary that included bullet points of what she needed to tell investigators to get him off the hook.

Her descriptive details, and at times embarrassing accounts of sexual encounters even stunned attorneys, who were shocked by many new revelations they heard Monday for the first time.

Pennington's attorney wanted reassurance this wasn't just news to him.

Attorney Marshall Hodgkins explained, "That until she actually spoke it from her mouth and it came out of her mouth this morning, under oath, that he did not know about this."

Deputy District Attorney Kelly Smith added, "I think my questions should at least be an indicator to court and counsel that I am following up to try and determine why this information is just now coming out at trial."

Pennington's ex-girlfriend said she felt bad revealing the truth, and held back because she knew it would cost him his job. She told jurors she changed her version of what happened at Kyle's urging and out of fear of what would happen if she caused him to get fired. She said verbal attacks coupled with physical violence became too much, and she felt Pennington might kill her if it continued.

According to her testimony, Pennington was also injured during some of their explosive fights when she battled back. She returns to the stand Wednesday and will be cross examined.

Pennington is also expected to testify during the trial.

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