Valley families react to Fort Hood shooting

FRESNO, Calif.

"I was scared, I didn't know if something had happened to him. He wasn't on duty yet. I was afraid. Everything was running through my mind. I wasn't trying to think negative but I couldn't stop myself," said his sister Isabel Cisneros.

Cisneros told Action News about the painful realization her brother was not far from a mass shooting. She only stopped panicking once she knew he wasn't among the wounded. "Just hearing and knowing he was responding I felt good. I felt okay because he was in a safe place. He was in the visitor's center," added Cisneros.

The feeling of terror was also shared by Madera's Martha Vasquez. Her daughter Gaby, her husband Jose and their baby boy Joshua all live on the base and went into lockdown mode. "She was by herself with the baby inside and I called her right away and she said my son in law hnd just called her and told her to stay away from the windows and the doors," said Vasquez.

The young family was also not hurt in the attack but Vasquez told us she's shocked a gunman opened fire at a military location and killed innocent people. "It looks safe and for something like that to happen. It's just awful," said Vasquez.

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