Suspect with gang ties sought in Crossroads bar shooting

FRESNO, Calif.

Officers say a woman and 18 month old were shot at in a car last week and it was a case of mistaken identity. They weren't hurt, but police have had enough of these bold shootings by careless gang members.

Police have investigated six murders in the past month, of these two have been innocent victims. One of those victims will be laid to rest Friday, her killer has been identified but is on the run.

Loved ones gathered at a funeral chapel Thursday to say goodbye to a wife and mother who Fresno police say was gunned down inside the Crossroads bar.

Janee Tatum died after she was shot in the head. Her husband Herman was also hit twice but survived.

"The gang violence needs to stop- period," said Herman. "Because at the end of the day, everybody ends up here, behind stupidity."

Police say the suspect in Janee's murder, Craig Foster is wanted and on the run. Investigators say the Tatums are not gang members and were innocent victims. For the first time detectives are revealing what happened in the bar, that led to the stunning shooting.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer said, "What we know is that Craig Foster, who is a gang member, violent gang member, armed with a handgun. He was trying to pick up on a female, who happen to be there with her husband. That ultimately led to an altercation between the husband and Foster."

Since that night, police have not caught up with Foster, they believe he may be in Las Vegas.

This murder, is one of several where officers say the victims had no gang ties and were killed anyway by gang members. That's the reason 100 officers from law enforcement agencies all over the Central Valley helped serve 50 probation warrants Wednesday. They found guns, drugs, and countless gang related items.

Police say one man, Ulises Montez tried to get rid of a gun, by tossing it into an apartment when officers showed up.

Authorities say they are making progress by taking six to eight guns off the streets each night. But, with retaliation a concern, these operations will continue into the summer, when violence generally spikes.

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