Arts and crafts for Spring decoration

FRESNO, Calif.

Floral Spring Wreath

You will need

  • 1 Foam Ring
  • 2 Rolls of 2" Ribbon- Green
  • 6 bouquets of Artificial Flowers (Select 3 colors and purchase 2 bunches of each color)
  • Wire Cutter or Scissors
  • Hot glue (optional)


  1. Wrap the ring with Ribbon. Don't pull too tight so that the Flower stems will side underneath.

  2. Clip the Flowers from the bouquet leaving a 1.5 inch stem

  3. Start with 1st color (white) tuck flowers into the ribbon, apply the flowers around the entire ring then add on the 2nd color (red). Fill in with the 3rd color (yellow). Fill in any remaining gaps.

  4. Optional: Secure the flowers to the ring with Hot Glue.

  5. Hot glue a 3 inch piece of Twine to the back to make a Hanging hook.

Hang & Enjoy!!


Floral Table Arrangement

You will need

  • Large Jar or Vase
  • Thin Cylindrical Vase
  • 3 Bunches of Flowers (artificial or real)
  • Easter Eggs (mini or regular)
  • Optional: Spray Paint


  1. Spray paint any eggs. Gold Spray painted Eggs (Pictured)

  2. Set the Small Vase into the large vase.

  3. Fill the outer vase with Eggs

  4. Add water to the inner vase & fill with Flowers.


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