Recreation at Kings River boosting Reedley's economy


Reedley Beach officially opened up this weekend, and a lot of people showed up to enjoy the sun, the sand and the water. Everyone who goes there has to pay to get in, and that is money which goes directly back to the city.

This weekend will mark 3-month-old Vianey's first time on the shores of Reedley Beach.

"Since we grew up, it's kind of like a tradition, like we just always come here as a family," said Mykel Saucedo of Reedley.

Thousands of families cool off in the Kings River and picnic on the green grass every year.

"It's just something inexpensive to do, fun for the kids; give them sand and water and they love it," said Leticia Dominguez of Reedley.

In the peak summer months, families pay $5 to spend the day there, which generates an annual income of $13,000 for the city.

"We get a lot of visitors from the entire Valley who like to come here, and cool off, and recreate during the hot summer," said Reedley Public Works Director Russ Robertson.

But in this historic dry year, you'll notice the water levels are already extremely low.

"We have had some low flows in the river in the recent years. Oddly enough it really doesn't affect our annual revenue too much," said Robertson. "People, whether the water is knee deep, or what have you, they still like to come here and recreate."

City leaders want to remind everyone who heads out there during the year to be careful if you are swimming because even though the water levels look low, there are some strong undercurrents which can be really dangerous.

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