Deadline looming to file your income tax

FRESNO, Calif.

A community outreach program is helping low income families file their taxes.

United Way Vita Project Lead Mary Ronell said, "It is a program that is run with the community volunteers. They have all gone through training they are all IRS certified, they have had to take a test to be volunteers."

Nine locations in Fresno and Madera counties are offering the tax help for those who make less than $55 thousand a year. Organizers say there are various tax credits to consider, and that's why it is important to have these resources.

"The earned income tax credit is an IRS anti-poverty program. Tax payers depending on their income, the size of their family, even single individuals may qualify, but it depends on their income earnings."

"The state of California is also providing tax payers with helpful tools when filing for their state return. Their franchise tax board website gives instructions on how to file and even has a link to a tax calculator."

Being prepared with all of the right paperwork is necessary.

Ronell said, "All tax payers coming into a VITA site are required to have their social security cards, for all the tax payers and their dependents, a photo ID, we will take their driver's license or California ID."

With only one week left before the April 15th deadline, VITA expects to see an influx of people this week and will have extended hours on April 15th.

"On Tuesday April 15th, our site is going to be open here at spark point from 1 to 10 o'clock."

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