Clovis Unified hosts Asian Student Success Conference

CLOVIS, Calif.

Cultural dances helped bridge the past and the present at the Asian Student Success Conference. It was designed to provide inspiration for the next generation. Clovis North sophomore Jacqueline Angouw said, "It opened my eyes to opportunities."

Students from all five Clovis Unified high schools gathered at Clovis East for a career fair. Panelists included TV news anchors, attorneys and doctors. The event was designed to help young people hear about different career paths.

Local anesthesiologist Dr. Omar Chowdhry said, "Well it was really important that the students were able to hear from people of similar backgrounds."

Pharmacist Noella Vang also served on the panel. She told students, "No matter what you become, who you become, always be a good person and always have a plan."

Students took precise notes and asked thoughtful questions about their prospective fields. Clovis West senior Reggie Xiong said, "I want to be a physical therapist but yeah a lot of places, things to do."

Persistence was a common theme among the professionals. Pediatric Pulmonologist Dr. John Moua said, "Hard work will eventually pay off and I think all of us tried to echo that particular tone."

Psychologist Diana Herva added, "A lot of people get discouraged when others tell them they can't do something and the thing is there is no one who can stop us from doing what we want."

Students also heard inspirational messages to help them get a head start on their future. Attorney Jarrod Kiyuna explained, "I'm not sure the students really understand how blessed they are to have something like this but it's clear that it is and it's impressive to me."

The leaders of tomorrow also heard how Advanced Placement classes passed in high school can shorten your time spent in college.

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