Lemoore considers tough water rules

LEMOORE, California

Lemoore City Manager Jeff Law said, "When the pumps run out of water for the city of Lemoore, there is no more water."

The city council in Lemoore will soon consider a three-tiered proposal -- that's dependent on how low the city's water table drops.

Right now people can voluntarily follow the city's suggested watering days. But if the water levels drop 20% from when the ordinance is voted on, watering on certain days and only three days a week will be required. If the water table drops 50%, the city will reduce that down to twice a week and only during certain hours.

"I think we will be there relatively quick because water consumption is up in the city, probably every city because of the heat," said Law. "I mean, usually we're not almost 90 degrees in April."

If water levels drop 70%, people will only be allowed to water once a week.

Law added, "We wouldn't allow any swimming pools to be filled, we wouldn't wash any city vehicles unnecessarily."

The city is already doing it's part to cut back on water usage. All city parks and properties are being watered up to 50 percent less, with yellow spots on grass inevitable.

Law said, "Every little drop counts."

People we talked to in a Lemoore neighborhood understood the city's water-saving effort.

Stephanie Davis said, "We only water our lawn very very early in the morning, I don't even know if my husband does it every day we only run the dishwasher when we need to."

If people don't follow the water ordinance they could face a citation or fine.

The city council will vote on the water measures at its meeting on May 6th.

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