Dinuba senior citizens apartment manager arrested on forgery charges

FRESNO, Calif.

Rachel Morales says a $500.00 money order she used to pay her rent was altered by the manager, Sweet Valencia and was not used to pay the rent. Morales showed us a photocopy of what she said was the money order.

Morales said, "She ended up changing my name to somebody elses name and put her name on it as if it was given to her."

After facing eviction for nonpayment of rent Morales took the matter to Dinuba police. During the investigation they searched Valencia's home, and then arrested her on forgery charges. Valencia bailed out of jail last week. She told Action News the allegations against her are not true.

Valencia said, "Because I know I didn't wash a money order."

"So you didn't do anything wrong?" ABC30 asked.

"No, I did not change that money order I can tell you for a fact I did not change that money order," Valencia responded.

Valencia claims a vendetta by Morales and a few other tenants. Some of them complain that Valencia would try to borrow money from them, or collect money they didn't owe and threaten them with eviction if they didn't pay.

Laura La Form said, "I always owed money 27 dollars, 67 dollars 21 dollars, but I was never late. But she would enforce it, and tell me if I didn't pay it I would get a three day eviction notice, and I didn't want to get evicted."

Laura La Form claims she was bilked out of about $200.00. Other tenants had similar stories but Valencia said they were all lying.

"Did you ever borrow money from residents?" ABC30 asked?

"No," replied Valencia.

ABC30 asked, "Ever tell them they owed more than they owed?"

"No," replied Valencia.

Con Am Properties manages the complex. A spokesman in their Fresno office says an internal investigation is underway, and confirmed Sweet Valencia is no longer an employee.

Dinuba police say they expect to present the case to the Tulare County district attorney next week. It will be up to the DA whether to prosecute, but Sweet Valencia says she's ready.

"I'm gonna stand up for myself. I tell you that," said Valencia. "I've been in this business for 15 years, never had this problem. Never had accusations like this, never, ever, ever."

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