One of Fresno's ten most wanted criminals arrested in Clovis

FRESNO, Calif.

Thursday night, members of the Multiagency Gang Enforcement Consortium (MAGEC) as well as Fresno and Clovis Police, arrested 22 year old Bryan McCoy after officers followed him from a relative's house in Fresno to a friend's home in Clovis.

They said say McCoy is an active west Fresno gang member who was wanted in connection to four different crimes including a violent home invasion robbery last month.

Residents in the small Clovis community near Timmy and Holland said they're on edge after officers' traced one of the city's top ten most wanted criminals to a house in their neighborhood.

"It's terrible," said one man. "I mean my grandson he's 18, but he's still going to high school and he comes home and says there's a lot of police out there and then I look outside and there's guns all over the place."

That's where police said McCoy tried to escape out of the back of the home, but was immediately confronted by K-9 officers and ran back inside.

Fresno Police Sgt. Mike Smith said he was then involved in a 40 minute standoff with law enforcement before he finally gave himself up.

"This person is an immediate threat to the public," said Smith. "He's an active West Fresno Gang member; He's currently wanted on four different cases. They include possession of narcotics, felony assault on a police officer, home invasion robbery, this case, as well as a separate case, a shooting in an occupied dwelling."

Officers have spent every day looking for McCoy since March 19th when he was identified as a suspect in a home invasion robbery in Northwest Fresno. Two of the suspects in that robbery were caught and until now, McCoy was the only one still at large.

Following his arrest, police and neighbors near the home said they're happy he's now off the streets.

"I got to wife and I got my grandson and that' ain't good. I don't want them in my neighborhood," said the man who did not want to be identified.

McCoy was arrested and booked into the Fresno County Jail. Police said investigators didn't turn up any evidence during a search of both homes.

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