Gas prices rise as temperatures heat up

FRESNO, Calif.

The average price for regular unleaded has climbed to $4.11 a gallon in the Fresno area -- a 20-cent increase since one month ago.

Gas prices have been on a steady climb heading into the busy Easter weekend, and gas station owner Bud Rushhaupt with Bad Bud's Gas Station says prices are expected to continue to rise. "The Bay Area spot went up thirteen cents as we speak right now, which is what controls the California market."

In a recent Survey USA poll, 53 percent of those polled said these rising gas prices would not play a roll on how far they would travel for the Easter weekend. "We are staying town the weather is nice, the yard is beautiful. It's kind of the ultimate time here in Fresno," said Mark Lambie, Fresno.

Russell Jacobie said his main reason for staying home is tradition, and high gas prices don't usually stop him from taking a road trip. "It's a consideration, I don't think it has ever been a deciding factor whether we go on a trip. I think gas prices are going up and getting into the realm they should be"

Trends from previous years indicate prices will go back down after Easter before taking another jump around Memorial Day weekend.

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