59 Days of Code competition encouraging developers in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

Gardening in the 21st century is high tech. An app called Garden Bilder was created by someone in Fresno.

Matt Tymn with A La Carte Software said, "But we have all the plant descriptions in there, all the zones where they grow. You can see that and basically what you can do is plant and simulate your garden before you go out and even dig anything."

Matt Tymn is a software developer and a former participant of the 59 Days of Code competition. He created Garden Bilder with a friend and now people around the world have downloaded the app.

Board member and Bitwise Industries CEO Jake Soberal says the event is challenging the next generation of local tech enthusiasts.

Soberal said, "That really dares developers, software developers and computer programmers to build a market ready web or mobile application in 59 days."

Soberal says it was originally started to show that Fresno also has a tech market. In its five years, they've seen some creative ideas.

"We've had everything built from video games to enterprise applications that do time and accounting, to things that are meant to be project management tools to things that help you build an urban garden," said Soberal.

And there's also something for those who dare to dream.

Soberal explained, "For those people that say well gosh I have an idea, but I'm not a developer, we want to connect you with developers who can help you build it."

As for developers like Matt Tymn, they're already thinking ahead. He plans to use iBeacon, a new type of marketing technology.

Tymn said, "I like working with people and ideas to try and make those ideas come to life."

Out of the 59 Days of Code competition, judges say they can't wait to see all the creativity and applications that are created right here in the Valley.

The kickoff party for the event is this Friday night at Hashtag. The public is invited to attend.

The top application will win $10,000 to help the business get started.

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