Calwa Catholics mark Good Friday with procession

FRESNO, Calif.

Parishioners reenacted the day Jesus Christ was crucified. A large group of people packed the streets around St. Anthony Mary Claret Catholic Church for the procession which was preceded by a play.

Ceasar Briones is a member of the St. Anthony Mary Claret Knights of Christ. He said, "The message today is to carry a cross and walk with Jesus in every way and he will always be there to help you in any circumstances you may come under."

The Stations of the Cross procession offered a spiritual journey for many Valley families. The faithful stopped at several stations to offer prayers and meditation. Ramona Garcia of Fresno explained, "It's a reflection of understanding what he went through in order to be able to live our lives."

The procession draws family members young and old with many elders looking to pass on their family traditions to the next generation. Rosemary Robles said, "They need to grow up in the faith also so I brought my granddaughters with me and my daughters and my mom's with me."

Robles said she offered prayers for family and friends who are sick or dying.

The Stations of the Cross procession is unique in that it involves the entire neighborhood. Briones said, "It's very moving and very touching and it's heart-warming. It's a family gathering."

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