5 honored for helping save Clovis man's life after accident

FRESNO, Calif.

Mary Ann Carousso is incredibly thankful her husband Jack is OK. "Mr. Carousso is the love of my life, I am thrilled that he is still here with me and I am so grateful for the five men who had just cared enough," said Carousso.

On September 9th, Jack, who works as a seventh grade teacher, was driving near Shields and Temperance when he had a heart attack and ran a stop sign. Investigators say he hit another car.

Doug Bolton, who was on his way to work that morning, stopped to make sure everyone was OK but realized Jack was not. "Undid his seat belt, started to pull him out, got on my radio, called for assistance and went into action," said Bolton who works for the District Attorney's office.

Jack wasn't breathing and had no pulse. But investigators believe the five men saved him.

During a special ceremony on Monday, city leaders thanked first responders Doug Bolton, Deputy Greg Little and Clovis Firefighters Paul Gilman, Brad Couchman and Steven Yandell. For Yandell the recognition was overwhelming, "It's the first time I have gotten teary eyed about the situation. We try and remove ourselves from some these calls because so many of them turn out negative."

Jack Carousso doesn't remember a whole lot about the accident. He spent eight weeks in the hospital recovering and some of his favorite memories involve the same rescuers who visited him while he healed. "It was nice to put faces to names. It was nice they visited me in the hospital. It was nice I have been two or three times to the fire station and they have been very supportive and helpful," said Carousso.

Jack's family says they will never run out of ways to express gratitude to their heroes.

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