Trial wrapping up for ex-Clovis cop Kyle Pennington

FRESNO, Calif.

Defense attorneys say the accuser is not credible, and has changed her story too many times. But prosecutors showed jurors the photos of injuries they say were at the hands of Kyle Pennington.

Deputy District Attorney Kelly Smith reminded jurors of the evidence he believes proves Kyle Pennington is guilty of domestic abuse, dissuading a witness and violating a court order.

Jurors were shown pictures of the cuts, bruises and scrapes taken after police say were heated confrontations between Pennington and his girlfriend of a few months.

Also shown was one of the many text message exchanges between the former cop and army veteran and his former girlfriend.

"I want to point you to the words of this text message, they are incredibly specific," said Smith. "If you testify, we, you and I will both be going to jail in this case."

For several hours Pennington's attorney attacked the woman's character and credibility. Marshall Hodgkins pointed out several details the accuser testified about that she never brought up during all the times she was interviewed by officers and DA investigators. These included a claim of rape and bondage.

Hodgkins said in court, "Would you do me a favor? Would you just take that one fact that has never been mentioned before she takes the stand right here."

Prosecutors say Pennington's control over her was clear and shown by how he constantly checked her phone, and tracked it by using a GPS program. She testified Pennington used steroids and often became enraged with anger. But, defense attorneys say she isn't an innocent victim, and Pennington's compassion is in part, why the two continued to live together after they should have parted.

"I'm sure that this man sitting here right now in hindsight maybe should have thrown her and her daughter out. Maybe I should have not gone to do army stuff and stayed at my mother house. But maybe I should've thrown them out. I would not be sitting here facing felony charges and eight charges in total if I had thrown her out."

If he is convicted on all counts, Pennington is facing a maximum of ten years in prison.

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