Clovis Rodeo officially underway

CLOVIS, Calif.

There were lots of airborne cowboys to kick of this year's centennial celebration at the Clovis Rodeo.

And the first night of this long western weekend wrapped up with an incredible show by one of country music's deepest voices, Scotty McCreery.

After 100 years of events, this rodeo has a bit of something for everyone. "Me personally, I like to watch the barrel racing. I like to see the girls rock," said Clovis resident Jennifer Mericle.

Gene Reese added, "I used to ride a lot time ago, professional rode, back in '71. I finally gave it up."

Tens of thousands of fans packed the stands for opening night, cheering on the cowboys who are playing for some big money.

"This is one of the biggest stops. It's part of million dollar PRCA tour," said Clovis Rodeo Association director Dan Rigsbee. "There's a lot of money up, our prize money is probably $350,000."

The standard rodeo is about the cowboys and cowgirls putting on a show, but the Clovis Rodeo, for the last 100 years, has been about much more.

"I love coming with family and friends and hanging out and having a great time," said Clovis Resident Robyn Shaw.

"Every year, we always get together with all our family and friends and have big barbecues and parties," Mericle said. "We really just celebrate the whole weekend."

Tyler Farr is set to perform Friday night.

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