Teens using vapor pens to secretly smoke marijuana in class

MERCED, Calif.

Merced County Sheriff's deputies say honey oil has become a dangerous trend in more ways than one. It's a concentrated form of marijuana that's made through a process involving the highly flammable gas, butane.

Authorities blame honey oil production for several explosions and fires across the Valley.

Detective Ray Farmstead with the Merced County Sheriff's Office said, "We have people blowing up, lit on fire because the chemical stays on the skin."

And now Farmstead is also warning parents and teachers about another concern the drug is causing. He say teens are smoking it in public places, even on school campuses, using a small device called a vapor pen that doesn't require a lighter and does not release a smell.

Detective Farmstead explained, "These kids take advantage of the lack of information our teachers and others have, and they're able to abuse drugs in plain view within the classroom."

Framstead says honey oil is so strong it can cause paranoia and hallucinations, so adults need to be aware -- and keep an eye out for these pens that don't belong in the classroom.

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