Fresno City College adding more courses to summer schedule

FRESNO, Calif.

More is in store for students at Fresno City College, as the campus works to accommodate more students, and speed up the process to transfer or earn a certificate.

Christopher Villa is the Vice President of Student Services, he told ABC30, "We have more courses, more support services, we have more of everything so we're excited to give the public more opportunity to enroll in more courses."

Starting this summer, the college will offer 475 class sections - a more than 60% increase over last year. And many of the offerings include general education courses like math, science, history and foreign language.

Villa added, "We're also offering evening courses this summer for the first time since 2008 so for the students who are working full time, that's available this summer."

According Villa, this year's California state budget is healthier than in years past -- allowing Fresno City College and other sites of the state center community college district to serve more students and restore services that were eliminated because of past budget cuts.

Villa explained, "What made it possible is the fact our voters, voted in favor of proposition 30 which gave us more funding to offer more courses."

That means the fall semester schedule will also get a slight boost with an additional 77 classes. And the college is anticipating opening up more sections to help students on growing waitlists.

Elizabeth Servin said, "A lot of students are trying to add classes, so if they add them over the summer people can take them over the summer instead."

Students we talked with said the changes will put them in a better position to get their desired schedule, find open classes and graduate on-time.

Connor Short added, "Anything that can help me get done with this part of my education faster so I can transfer to a four year college, I'm willing to do."

Other campuses including Reedley College, Willow International and the Oakhurst and Madera centers are also increasing their summer and fall schedules. Registration is now ongoing.

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