Arrested for having a hand gun in the car with an infant, she's now eligible for bail

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Mirella Ponce's mugshot garnered international attention this week while she waited to go before a Fresno County Superior Court Judge to face gun charges.

A judge is allowing bail in her case.

One thing is clear, she has quite a few people on the Fresno Police Department's Facebook page willing to step up and pay her bail.

One man writes, "I'm going (sic) go pay for her bail right now."

Another man writes, "How much Is her bail? Lol asking for a friend."

But, another person wrote, "Wow. Everybody's on here talking about how she's pretty. She was endangering her child's life rolling around with a gang member and a loaded weapon."

The Fresno Police Department says their Facebook post was one of the most shared posts they've ever had.

Police said they arrested Ponce Monday night during a traffic stop near Belmont and Fresno Street in Central Fresno. Officers said she had the loaded gun while in a car with her infant and two other gang members. A passenger was arrested on an unrelated felony charge.

Ponce is scheduled to appear in Fresno County Superior Court next week.
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