Attorneys say new test will eliminate any doubts on whether blood belongs to Sanchez

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Obdulia Sanchez came into the courtroom, smiling at her parents. Moments later prosecutors announced she could face new charges.

"People are most likely going to add some new charges of child endangerment charges," said Prosecuting Attorney Thomas Minn.

Sanchez already faces several manslaughter and DUI charges for live streaming the car crash attorneys say killed her little sister.

The last witnesses to testify on Wednesday was a forensic alcohol analyst, who claimed he examined her blood and determined her blood alcohol content level was about .09 percent at the time it was drawn.

However, the defense is still questioning whether the blood is even hers after a CHP officer admitted to incorrectly writing down the name of the person who drew her blood.

They say prosecutors will do another test.

"They're going to do a DNA comparative analysis between the blood sample and my clients DNA on the swab. So, we'll have an answer as soon as they're done," said Ramnik Samroa, Sanchez' attorney.

Sanchez's attorney expects prosecutors will file the new charges during the next hearing.

"It really doesn't change much of the case at all. It's all the same facts--all the same law, not something I'm concerned with at this point," said Samrao.

Sanchez remains in custody and is expected to return to court next Wednesday.
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