Authorities investigating burglary after vehicle was stolen along with office equipment from Fresno car lot

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Workers spent part of Friday morning cleaning up shards of glass after someone broke into Credit World Auto Sales overnight and stole a car right off the lot.

The owner who did not want to go on camera says his business did not have an active alarm or surveillance cameras.

"That kind of puts us behind a little bit. We rely so much nowadays on businesses to have that video to at least get us any description, a vehicle that was leaving the scene," said Tony Botti.

At 2 a.m. Friday morning thieves broke in at the East Central Fresno location and made off with half a dozen computers and two copiers and a 2004 Ford Mustang. The owner says the burglary will cost tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

"It is a little perplexing. Why did they want this equipment? You can go anywhere to get computers. Were they after the information that was saved on there--so those are some of the questions we need to answer," said Botti.

According to the owner, the thieves used this blue Chevy Silverado to ram open this large roll up metal door to the car lot's industrial garage.

Once outside they then drove the pickup through the property's chain link fence and left without a trace.

"As of right now we don't have any leads as to who's responsible. Our detectives are working it to see if anyone had a motive against this place of business," said Botti.

The thieves drove off in the mustang but left the Chevy Silverado on the lot still running.

If you have any information you're asked to call the Fresno County Sheriff's Office.
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