Keeping your car in top performance on hot days

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Driving around in the extreme heat is not only uncomfortable for you, but it also puts additional stress on your car.

Cars on the side of the road with mechanical problems are a common sight when temperatures suddenly spike. But with proper maintenance, most mechanical setbacks caused by hot temperatures can be avoided.

"When the temperatures rise the pressure also rises, and when that happens it is going to test every part of that system," said Rusty Rasmussen with Rasmussen Auto Repair.

Some of the most common issues seen on hot days include overheating, blown-out tires, and broken belts or hoses.

"So there are belts that the average motorist may not even realize exist," said Rasmussen. "But that's a water pump belt, very crucial, often overlooked and forgotten, so this is why your service provider would be really helpful in checking these things out."

Rasmussen says part of the problem is how often under hoods are overlooked -- a particularly bad habit to get into if you are traveling long distances or plan to take a road trip.

Auto experts say the best way to avoid bumps on the road if you are traveling is to get a pre-travel check on your vehicle. That's going to check the air pressure, the fluids and some of your belts.

"A vehicle that is in disrepair is more subject, a vehicle that is older is going to be more prone, but there isn't any car that is totally absent of a cooling fan motor that quits, a thermostat that fails, or something that's going to begin leaking out fluid," said Rasmussen.

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