SoCal valet driver caught on camera taking joy ride in new Corvette

COSTA MESA, Calif. -- Dan Cowles recently handed the keys of his new Corvette to a valet in Costa Mesa. Unknown to the valet, the Stingray is equipped with a valet mode that records video, locks the glove box and disables the entertainment.

"This was the first time I tried to use valet mode. I just got the car," Cowles said.

Cowles reviewed the car's footage at the end of the night and was shocked at what he saw. The valet sped off at 50 miles per an hour, then checks for damage.

That employee was apparently fired, but it begs the question, is valet high jinx commonplace?

The evidence, at least according to YouTube videos, points to yes.

For those without valet mode, valet Ed Ryder suggests putting a tip on the dashboard before passing off your car.

"What that does is it helps to influence the level of care your car's about to receive," Ryder said.

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