Autopsy photos shown to jury in murder trial for Parlier coach shot and killed

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Artie Gomez died wearing the t-shirt of the program he loved--Parlier Panthers Football.

Forensic Pathologist Dr. Venu Gopal described the markings left on it including dozens of small holes from tiny pellets that sprayed when the shotgun was fired.

"In my opinion, whatever is the mark, corresponds with the imprint on the body," said Forensic Pathologist Dr.Venu Gopal.

Dr. Gopal showed graphic pictures for jurors to see the gunshot, directly to the right side of the chest that was determined to be fatal. Gopal said the markings on his clothes were consistent with the physical injuries he observed on his body.

As he has much of the trial, Joel Valera has appeared attentive and at times talks to his attorney during testimony. He is expected to take the stand in his own defense Tuesday.

The evidence against him- includes three witnesses who have all identified him as the shooter. Monday Criminalist Adam Ramirez brought pictures of the actual crime scene and computer-generated photographs showing where each witness was standing during the deadly confrontation.

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He also described some of the shotgun evidence at the scene.

Prosecutor: Is that also sometimes referred to as a wad?

Ramirez: It is sometimes referred to as a wad, yes.

The victim Artie Gomez was shot twice. Gopal described how the autopsy gave him insight into how the victim was positioned when he took two shotgun rounds. Deputy

District Attorney William Terrence asked the doctor if it's possible Gomez may have been trying to cover his face or head while running away.

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Gomez also had some perforations on his chin from the pellets. Gopal said another round also struck the victim in the armpit area, but it was not considered fatal and did not end his life.
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