Coronavirus: Fresno husband who went above and beyond for pregnant wife laid off

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- We first introduced you to expectant mother, Jordan Marshall on Monday.

Her husband, Ethan, has been unable to be by her side since March 21 because of coronavirus precautions at the hospital.

His grand gesture outside of Community Regional Medical Center was seen nationwide.

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"It's the sweetest thing anyone's done for me," Jordan said.

The welder and sole provider for his family were laid off from his job in Selma.

Ethan's employer says he has a job to return to, but there's just no saying when that will be.

"Everyone waits for the perfect time to start a family, Jordan said. "It's scary to think that we could lose everything just like that."

Jordan says even though she's by herself in her hospital room, she doesn't feel alone.

Her mother-in-law and loved ones have raised almost $1,400 for the soon-to-be parents through a GoFundMe page.

With all of that, uncertainty remains.

"We did have some savings for getting everything ready for the baby, but now it's looking like everything goes to bills," Jordan said.

Marshall says thankfully, she's been able to stay stress-free after her insurance provider, Anthem Blue Cross, lifted a huge weight off her shoulders.

"They said, 'Hun, you have nothing to worry about,'" Jordan said.

The social workers at the hospital are expressing similar sentiments by discussing payment plans for any out of pocket costs.

"I've been able to stay calm and positive," Jordan said.

It's a mindset she keeps despite not having her husband by her side. They'll be reunited in five weeks when doctors induce labor.

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