Workout Wednesday: Getting rid of back fat

Let's tackle that tire on the torso!

Extra calories are usually what cause back fat, so the most important thing to look at is your diet. Be sure to remember that food is fuel and you have to stay aware of what you put in your body.

The first exercise is a great way to get started on your back fat. You will be using your own body as resistance-- it is called a "good morning". At a slight bend at your knees, look forward, bend forward at your torso it needs to be slow and controlled. You will feel the muscles in your lower back, to add to the motion twist your torso to work on your sides.

The next way to elevate this workout is to lean over on a bench while lying on your stomach with your pelvis on the bench and your legs. You then lift the legs while tightening those glutes.

Listen to your muscles in this workout; you want to make sure you are really targeting the full torso

This is a battle we can work hard to win.
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