Parents and kids get a start on back to school shopping

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's back to school shopping time in the Central Valley.

Kids and teens are headed back to within a couple weeks.

Rene Hollis was at Target with her girls getting some last minute items.

"I've been doing a little bit of shopping through the summer. So I don't take a big hit in one shot so it hasn't been too bad," Hollis said.

According to an ABC 30 exclusive Survey USA poll 70% of the people interviewed, who have school-aged kids, have already started on the back to school shopping.

Parents said they like to get a jump back on shopping because there is more of a variety early on, but how much will parents spend?

According to the survey, 20 percent answered they expect to spend $50 to $100, 27 percent said $100 to $200, 21% said $200 to $300 and another 21 percent said over $300.

A couple parents at Target mentioned they most likely would be spending more on their daughters.

"My boys not too much, but my daughter a bit more, I don't know maybe $100 to $200," said Robyn Nearn, who was out shopping with her daughter and some friends.

Raffi Sarimazian, who was out shopping with his sons, mentioned as his daughter gets older it gets more expensive.

"Well with my daughter, it's changed, her style changed. So I know this year it's definitely going to be more because she is starting high school. Her clothes are going to be a lot more probably $400-$500, I'm going to guess. With the boys they are still pretty cool getting whatever I pick out," Sarmazian said.

What about school supplies? According to the survey, 33 percent answered they will spend less than $50 and 29 percent said $50 to $100, 15 percent said $100 to $200, 11 percent said $200 to $300 and 8 percent said more than $300.

"She's in junior high and I have two in high school. So the supplies seem to be more expensive and they seem to need more as they get in high school and junior high," Hollis explained. Ashlyn Leath and her friends were at the store shopping for locker decor. While there is so much to love about back to school shopping for her favorite, the supplies.
"I just like getting the school supplies because I like to be organized with that stuff," she explained.

In the survey, parents were also asked about whether or not they plan on buying a computer, laptop, or even tablet. The majority said no. However, if you are in the market for one and are unsure what to get experts to say it just depends on what you are going to use it for. "Having a laptop it gives you all this horsepower in one little compact machine and they aren't and they aren't these bulky machines people tend to remember. So it's not something you have to break your back over. You get a much larger display usually that can handle multitasking a little better," said Astro Ramirez, who works at Best Buy. Parents at the store did mention while most of the supplies needed are the same, back to school shopping has really changed since they were kids saying there is a wide variety to choose from.
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