Back-to-school shopping on a budget in Fresno

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Monday, August 1, 2022
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Many Valley families are watching their wallets as they go shopping for back to school.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Ruelas Family of Clovis is ready to hit the racks.

They grab a shopping bag because it's Tote Tuesday at Fairy Godmother's Closet in Northeast Fresno, and everything that fits in a tote is 20 percent off the already deep discounts.

Co-owner, Amy Ratliff says back to school is always busy, but this year with rising inflation, more families are seeking savings.

The store sells gently-used clothing and baby gear generally 50-to-70 percent off from retail prices, but the condition is like-new.

Not only are the clothes clean, they're current.

"When you come in, it doesn't feel like you're dressing your kid from the '90s," Ratliff said.

Casey and Marco help their kids choose comfy clothes for school.

The Ruelas' grab multiple outfits because the total won't break their budget and if the clothes stay in good shape, they can be sold back to the store, again.

Seven-year-old Olivia chose a top and leggings for a total of only $12.

"They go through clothes so fast or they rip the holes in the knees, so being able to come to a place where you know you're going to get good quality clothes for them to have for a season and either bring them back to sell to the store or come buy more," Casey Ruelas said.

Six-year-old Levi liked Levi's for $8.50 and an Under Armor shirt for $8.50 for a total of $17.

The full retail prices would be at least double.

Fairy Godmother's Closet has no shortage of name brands.

The Ruelas' rung up a bag full of outfits for only $47.

They'll be back soon for baby clothes with number three on the way, so saving money is more important than ever.

We also checked out deals at retailers including Target, where customers with the app can get 50% off on certain days.

The scanner on the app shows in-store sale prices that can cut your back to school clothing bill in half.