Bay Area fire victims forced to sell homes

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KFSN) -- For sale, signs are popping up in the Bay Area as many fire victims are forced to sell after the devastating fires in wine country earlier this year.

There are empty lots where homes once stood across Santa Rosa.

Officials with the North Bay Association of Realtors say they are going up for about 160,000 dollars instead of 500,000.

And despite the big price drop, many fire victims are making it the hard choice to sell what they once called home.

Resident, Jamie Williams said, "I've even had vans following me with families in them thinking that I might be heading to a rental or something where they might get their first shot at it."

Officials expect more people to put up their lots for sale but they say it is still too early to tell exactly how housing values will be impacted.

But there is concern more victims will find themselves priced out.
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