Dramatic moment news crew attacked on camera

A BBC News reporting team came under attack by Turkish police forces while filming a newscast, resulting in a high-speed chase and weapons fired. BBC Correspondent Paul Adams, and his team, were covering the events happening near Kobane, Syria where Islamic State fighters have laid siege to the town less than a mile from the border of Turkey. Watch below.

WARNING: Adult language

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According to BBC News, Turkish authorities were determined to evacuate civilians from their border as the Islamic State continued their attacks in nearby Kobane. Using tear gas to clear the area, Turkish forces did not distinguish their use of force against the press when they fired tear gas canisters at Paul Adams and his crew.

Immediately, the crew scrambled to escape the area, quickly jumping into their news van. As the crew drove away from the area, Turkish forces continued their assault, giving chase and continuing to fire tear gas.

The second gas canister was fired at point blank range, smashing through the van window and briefly setting fire to the vehicle. As gas built up in the van, the news team was forced to abandon the vehicle and run for safety.

According to BBC News, none of the news team was injured in the incident.

Islamic State forces have been besieging Kobane for the past three weeks, and the city is expected to fall under their control imminently. So far, there has been no word whether the Turkish government will intervene as they amass troops and tanks along their border.

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