Woman expected to survive after boyfriend stabs her 16 times in Southeast Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno Police responded to an apartment in Southeast Fresno late Tuesday night.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer says they found the victim, stabbed and strangled, and beaten but still alive.

"She was stabbed 16 times with a filet knife. One of those stab wounds ended up puncturing her lung," said Chief Dyer.

The victim a woman in her early 30's is in the hospital in serious but stable condition.

Her child was in the apartment when the attack occurred.

The suspect in the case is her former boyfriend, Esteban Rosas. He was arrested at the Tachi Palace Casino in Kings County Wednesday morning.

The victim told police she had broken off the relationship after Rosas attacked her on Sunday. He didn't use a weapon and she didn't call the police.

Dyer advises all domestic abuse victims to report the very first incident because as in this case, more will likely to follow if the suspect isn't quickly arrested.

"It's important we get them into custody that first week and actually the first 72 hours and if not he's going to return and continue and in fact the violence is going to escalate," said Chief Dyer.

The Marjaree Mason Center assists hundreds of domestic abuse victims in Fresno. Communications Director Charity Susnick says the Holidays are often a time when victims put off seeking help because they are hoping things will get better. But advises;

"Don't wait, don't wait to get through that holiday, don't wait to get through that family meal. If you are in an unsafe situation and you are feeling threatened, call. Call law enforcement, call us," said Susnick.

"We have a 24 hours seven day a week hotline, 233-4357, is that number and we are here to help don't let it get too far before you reach out"

Chief Dyer says his department responds to 7,000 domestic violence calls every year. He estimates one hundred of the suspects in those cases are wanted.

Esteban Rosas is in the Fresno County Jail facing nine felony charges including attempted murder.
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