Data scientist, tax manager among 25 best jobs in America

The new year brings opportunity for personal and professional change, with many Americans considering switching to a new career field. If you're one of those who are looking to find a rewarding new career in 2016, then make sure you consider one of these top jobs.

Glassdoor released its list of the 25 best jobs in America for 2016, factoring in number of job openings, salary and career opportunities. The top job on the list was data scientist, which Glassdoor reported as having 1,736 openings and a median base salary of $116,840. A data scientist is described by IBM as "somebody who is inquisitive, who can stare at data and spot trends. It's almost like a Renaissance individual who really wants to learn and bring change to an organization."

Following data scientist was tax manager with 1,574 job openings and a $108,000 median salary, and the third was solutions architect with 2,906 openings and a $119,500 median salary. Tax managers can oversee the tax plan for an individual or company, and solutions architects listen to customer feedback and design solutions to meet their needs, according to TechCrunch.

Out of all the jobs listed, the highest median salary was $135,000 for software development manager and the lowest median salary was $78,000 for construction superintendent. Both of those jobs earned more than the U.S. household median income in 2014 which was $53,657, according to the U.S. Census.

While 13 of the positions on this year's list were also included on the best jobs list for 2015, there are some newcomers. Positions like engagement manager and analytics manager, which both have to do with gathering information about digital behaviors, joined the list in 2016.

Many of the top jobs in the U.S. for 2016 were also popular across the pond. HR manager, marketing product manager and software engineer all appeared in the top 10 best positions for the U.K.. Take a look at the full list of best U.S. jobs below.

Top 25 Jobs in America for 2016:

1. Data scientist
2. Tax manager
3. Solutions architect
4. Engagement manager
5. Mobile developer
6. HR manager
7. Physician assistant
8. Product manager
9. Software engineer
10. Audit manager
11. Analytics manager
12. Software development manager
13. Product marketing manager
14. Marketing manager
15. QA manager
16. Finance manager
17. Business development manager
18. UX designer
19. Strategy manager
20. Technical account manager
21. Consultant
22. Construction superintendent
23. Nurse practitioner
24. Electrical engineer
25. Software architect
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