Here's what's new at the Big Fresno Fair

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- For so many people, a visit to the Big Fresno Fair has to include a cinnamon roll or maybe a soft taco.

You could actually have a healthy meal with some fresh fruit or a salad but most visitors leave their diets at the front gate.

You can hear, see and especially eat something you never knew existed at the Big Fresno Fair.

We all know Chicken Charlie is a madman.

Tony Boghosian from 'Chicken Charlie's' said, "People walk up and say oh my god what did you do to a filet mignon? Why did you fry a filet mignon but once you take a bite you realize it is something totally different."

Strangely enough, it was both tender and tasty. But the folks that brought you the Krispy Kreme triple cheeseburger aren't done.

Boghosian added, "We took our Maui chicken that everyone loves and our naked shrimp and we made them a burrito with siracha ramen, scallions with Funyun chips."

So many choices, so little time but you can always walk off the calories.

Fat Frankie's Funnel Cakes is making its debut.

Owner William Gardner said, "We've been trying to get in here for five years and we finally got the opportunity so we're here to make an impression and we're here to stay."

Strawberry, cinnamon apple and banana split are among the mouth-watering funnel cake options.

Gardner explained, "We can put ice cream on any one of our cakes to put you over the top in that sugar coma."

El Pollo Vaquero is also a newcomer this year. The stand is owned and operated by a Fresno family.

Roasted chicken bowls and plates are their specialties but you can also share a bigger meal.

Erica Quintero from 'El Pollo Vaquero' said, "It's a chicken in a bucket. You get the whole chicken. We chop it up and put it in a bucket for you. You get a side of rice, beans, pico, and a few potato wedges. It's really good so it's shareable."

And for those who always ask where to find a giant smoked turkey leg, that'd be Big Bubba's Bad BBQ.

Happy dining.

Now as for attractions, the Big Fresno Fair added a 'Let's Play' exhibit for families where kids can with giant board games like 'Operation' and 'Checkers.'

There are also virtual reality games that both kids and adults can enjoy.

Next door to that is the 'Greenhouse' where you can hang out with and feed birds at the 'Lorikeets Encounter' exhibit. It will cost $5 but if you go with a group the cost goes down per person.
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