Final inspections underway as Big Fresno Fair prepares for 136th year

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The day before The Big Fresno Fair is inspection day for farm animals.

Dr. Stephanie Murphy is responsible for examining them. She has been doing it for nearly 30 years, checking their weight and making sure the animals are all healthy.

"All of the market animals have to make a specific weight range they can be too heavy so they have to reach a standard, and we look at them too to make sure they don't have any communicable diseases that are transmittable to the public or other animals," Dr. Murphy said.

While she conducts those check-ups, fair contractor John Dodson is tasked with closely reviewing the over 70 carnival rides.

Pinpointing in on equipment that could have hardware, electrical or structural failure.

But he tells Action News he is just part of an extensive process to keep everyone safe.

"The state of California does an initial licensing," Dodson said. "The ride company every single day checks every single ride unique to that ride and we're coming in to do an overall inspection on every ride, so everything gets at least three views."

And when it comes to the food vendors, they do not go unreviewed.

Fair manager Lori King says the health department has specific rules for any place serving food or drinks.

"Their stands have to be a cleanliness level all of their equipment has to be running order they have to pass water samples," King said. "And food quality everything has to be cooked to certain degrees."

Necessary steps on all fronts are made to ensure each year of the Big Fresno Fair runs smoothly.

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