Big Fresno Fair: Safety remains top priority for staff

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Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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From the kiddie rides to intense roller coasters, the Big Fresno Fair has it all.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- From the kiddie rides to intense roller coasters, the Big Fresno Fair has it all.

Visitors, young and old, can enjoy more than 50 rides. All of them have been and will continue to be inspected throughout the fair to keep families safe.

"We bring in an outside carnival inspector to go through and inspect every ride as it's been put up," explained Big Fresno Fair CEO Lauri King. "We get reports on that, and the rides don't open until the safety inspectors sign off and say that they are meeting manufacturer standards and ready to go."

Safety consultant John Dodson and his crew spent Wednesday morning checking every part of each ride before the gates opened.

If a minor part wasn't working properly, he said they have extra ones on hand to fix it.

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"If the magnet is out for the electric brake, that might be a little tougher for them to find locally," Dodson explained. "At that point, we would close off one tub. It would not necessitate the whole ride to be closed. If you were to close a whole ride, it's got to be something major."

Dodson's crew only inspects on opening day. The following fair days, Butler Amusements will inspect each ride daily.

"They have a great training program, and they have dedicated staff who have been with them for years," King said.

According to the BFF CEO, the fairgrounds, as a whole, has been inspected by the California Fair Service Authority and the State Fire Marshal office.

However, safety doesn't stop once the fair begins.

Fresno Police Department, private security and American Ambulance will be around the fairgrounds every day to ensure a safe environment. Police, along with fair staff, will also have access to more than 100 surveillance cameras.

"We are constantly having eyes to make sure that we're keeping the fairgrounds as safe as possible," said King.

Staff hopes visitors feel reassured they can have fun and create memories at the Big Fresno Fair while staying safe.