Meet 'Claude the Claw,' your new favorite fried chicken sandwich

ByJanel Andronico Localish logo
Friday, December 23, 2022
This is your new favorite fried chicken sandwich
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Birdbox in San Francisco serves up popular 'Claude the Claw' sandwich.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Many places are known for their fried chicken, but Birdbox in San Francisco is taking their fried chicken sandwich to the next level. In fact, it's so popular they had to name it. 'Claude the Claw' is famous for not only being delicious, but for having a unique feature.

"It's a big sandwich, with the leg and the thigh. It kind of just came to us. Let's make a sandwich with the foot hanging out," reveals Chris Bleidorn, Co-owner of Birdbox. The foot is the star of the sandwich and has become a viral sensation.

Birdbox sources their chickens whole, with heads and feet intact, which allows them to ensure the quality of the meat, use the tastiest aspects of each part of the bird and develop a more sustainable menu that they are excited about serving.

Bleidorn adds, "We buy the nicest birds we can possibly get whole and then do the butchering ourselves. We created the menu off of the whole chicken." You can also find delicious half and quarter fried chicken meals, salads and cornbread.

Birdbox is the first fast-casual restaurant from the couple behind two Michelin starred Birdsong.

"It's just been a fun experience for us. We come from fine dining restaurants. There are some people who come a couple of times a week, so we've become friendly with them. It's just been fun operating a neighborhood restaurant," says Aarti Shetty, Co-owner of Birdbox.

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