10-year-old boy receives birthday surprise from Fresno Police Department

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A very special birthday boy in Fresno got a Code 3 response from the police for his big day.

Jacob Castro got to celebrate reaching the double digits with lights, sirens and balloons!

The 10-year-old had no idea Fresno Police would be coming to his "quarantine birthday," so he even asked mom if this was an accident.

Ginny Castro volunteers with the Police Chaplain Program and said she thought one or two officers would come out.

When she told them about Jacob's birthday, they went above and beyond.

They even gifted him a scooter and posed for pictures!

Jacob's party was supposed to be on Saturday but had to be canceled because of shelter in place orders.

Jacob said he was so blown away and that this wasn't just his favorite birthday, but the best day of his life because of Fresno police.
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