Bitwise "mothership" lands in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A one hundred year old building in downtown Fresno has been taken over by the budding technology crowd.

Bitwise Industries has created its mothership in Downtown Fresno. Renovations on the high tech hub, called Bitwise South Stadium, are inching closer to completion.

The 100 year-old space is being transformed into an educational, work and business space for technologists and the community. "This is 50,00 square foot building that once we get folks in here in the next couple of weeks, will be home to just under 90 technology companies," said Jake Soberal, Bitwise Industries CEO

Soberal is eagerly awaiting the grand opening of a dream. "We talk about a ecosystem, a place where all of the amenities you might want for your work day. In addition to having your work space, there's shared conference rooms." Inside, brightly colored murals showcasing video games and furniture adorn rooms.

There is also educational space for Geekwise Academy to teaching coding. Fresno state and Fresno Pacific are partnering up to teach business and financial courses.
Several businesses are leasing space at south stadium, from UPS to Caf Corazon to Mabel's Kitchen. There's also a gym going inside.

Cheri Bertelsen of Xcelerate Fitness explains, "This is a new business model for us. Usually we went into small communities that were needed a full service gym and this is a new venture for us, the whole 24 hour access within an urban setting." Xcelerate Fitness Underground will be open to the public and anyone in the building for a monthly membership.

"This facility by itself is an empty building, but with all of the folks that are users of it, we've got a critical mass of folks doing innovative things right here in Fresno and you so see the world starting to take note," said Soberal. A future filled with possibilities.

Bitwise South Stadium is expected to be in full swing in January of 2016. Leaders hope this will be a new chapter for business, technology and life to thrive under one roof.
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