Bitwise Industries adding a new campus in Downtown Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno, CA - At the moment the State Center Warehouse building near R and Ventura in Downtown Fresno sits empty and dark, but Bitwise Industries has big plans. This 90,000 square foot, brick building will be transformed into their newest campus. They have already started some work, but they will turn it up a notch next week when they knock down an exterior tower

"Hopefully what we are doing here, will be an inspiration for a lot of people that they can come downtown and be downtown and invest here," said leasing officer Channelle Charest.

State Center was built in the 1920s and functioned as a warehouse and cold storage. Bitwise is now bringing it into the present day. The four-floor building will be a mixed-use space. The offerings will vary by floor, but they plan to have restaurants, retail and commercial office spaces. Charest said the restaurants will be a big draw.

"We are looking at between two to four restaurants spaces, that includes bars as well," she said. So, we are looking at having some really great nightlife here too."

The rooftop will also see a big change, office spaces will be created with a view of downtown. Charest said the location is perfect. It is walking distance from their other campuses, the Hive and Bitwise 41. It is also bringing something new to the area.

"For us, it is really about continuing to provide spaces that are beneficial to other people that get them excited about being downtown about being Fresno and about the next steps of what they would like to accomplish," she said.

State Center will mark Bitwise's fourth campus. They expect to have it completed before the end of next year.
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