Bitwise Industries: Vision to create four block tech campus is coming to life

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Bitwise Industries' vision to create a four-block technology campus is coming to life.

"We've been here just over a month, and this is the newest addition to the family of Bitwise facilities in downtown Fresno. this particular building is home to 24 technology companies and is beginning to have the same sort of life that we experienced and gotten used to at South Stadium," said Jake Soberal, Bitwise Industries CEO & co-founder about the Hive.

The colorful and loud building buzzes from the outside and inside futsal courts, and shipping containers fill the space.

Just down the way, construction is underway on Bitwise 41, also known as the Old Spaghetti Factory.

We got a look inside the 50,000 square foot. It will have a space for 13 companies as they grow.

"We'll have outside elements that support the experience there so coffee, there will be a beer garden on the side yard with a (shipping container) tap room. so all sorts of fun stuff to create life and energy around the technology industry and for downtown more broadly," Soberal said.

Companies in industries from real estate technology to education have already leased a vast majority of the building.

It will come online in January 2019.

Bitwise also has plans for the State Center building located nearby. That building will also be home to 30 technology companies ranging in size from 500 to 10,000 square feet. It will be the largest space in any facility.

"There will coffee shops, fast-casual dining, rooftop restaurant, a 200 person conference center on the roof, 10,000 feet of outdoor deck space on the top of the building," Soberal said.

He believes they could build up to 50 apartments.

They've also completed their Hashtag space at Hotel Virginia.

The four major buildings will total about 250,000 feet of technology hub space in Downtown Fresno.

Bitwise State Center is expected to be done sometime around January 2020. Once the buildings are completed, they will continue their vision for Downtown Fresno.
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