Weeklong deals result in calmer Black Friday experiences

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Trunks full of Christmas gifts and armloads of deals too good to pass up drew die hard shoppers to North Fresno Friday.

"It totaled like $248, but I ended up paying $138 for it so not too bad," said Lillie Cornell of Fresno.

Cornell got some deals Thursday night- but she returned to River Park Friday after doing a lot of research and price comparisons.

"I did notice there's a lot less people out so there's a lot more cyber things that are being offered versus years before," she said.

Unlike other shoppers, Veronica Rodriguez and her daughter didn't follow their normal routine this year.

"I usually do online shopping so I was too tired yesterday so I didn't shop online so I'm out here trying to catch a few things before and now I'm going to go treat myself to Victoria's Secret," Rodriguez said.

Piper Taylor and Bella Henderson were maintaining a steady shopping pace- thanks to energy drinks and brief breaks in between stores.

"We started at Ulta and then we went to Dick's and then we came here. I spent about $200 in there, in Victoria's Secret. And then we went to Macy's and we just took our load to the car and we're starting all over again at Bath and Body Works," Taylor said.

Some shoppers said they've been getting pre-black Friday deals online all week- so they are spreading out their shopping based on when good bargains pop up.

Even at Best Buy in River Park only a few people were in line early for the doors to open at 8 am. The hot door buster item there was a 55 inch TV for $250.
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