Estate of auto industry legend 'Blackie' Gejeian going up for sale this weekend

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The estate of auto industry legend Mike "Blackie" Gejeian goes up for auction on Saturday.

Gejeian was best known for establishing the popular "Autorama" show in Fresno.

He passed away in 2016 at the age of 90.

On Friday, people got their first look at the Gejeian collection.

Blackie only wanted cars cool enough to make the cover of magazines for "Autorama."

The estate sale wouldn't be complete without a shining example. "Aladdin's Dream Car" is a customized Thunderbird.

Frank Brandow of Big Valley Estate Sales said, "Cars like this are one of a kind. That's what Blackie did. One of a kind."

People came to look through old signs and other memorabilia.

Blackie's grandson, Dustin, said the warehouse is full of memories.

Gejeian explained, "My grandfather was very eclectic. Cars were just one of the many things that he was interested in."

The vintage gas pumps will draw a lot of attention.

Dustin said, "There's a large market for these. The restoration of these pumps is where it's at."

Collectors love them.

Brandow added, "They want to buy these things, restore them and put them in their man caves."

People will pore though all the spare parts and old vehicles.

Dustin showed us a carriage which dates back to the 1800's.

He said, "This was the form of transportation so in the auto industry, we also have to give homage to our roots."

The biggest surprise - a large collection of Disney figures Blackie once picked up at an auction.

Gejeian said, "Everybody loves Disney. Happy cartoons that we all grew up with."

Brandow said, "These are rare Disney figures out here that we have. You'll never find this many of them in one place."

Everything "Autorama" will be up for sale.

Some items could use some TLC.

But Brandow said, "Someone else will take care of the treasures, work on them and have fun for the next generation."

Dustin Gejeian looked around and said, "It's like walking into a time capsule and it's beautiful. A lot of history here."

For more information on the auction, visit the website.
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