Blood centers hope Pint for Pint blood drive helps ease need during summer

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Throughout the year blood donations are always necessary, but Leslie Botos, Director of Community Relations at the Central California Blood Center, said they see much fewer people donate during the summer. An increase in recreational and vehicle accidents during this time of the year means more people need help.

"The shortages of blood are so critical that they are being felt across every single city, town, and state in our nation," said Botos.

According to Botos, the heat might have something to do with it. She said it keeps more people indoors and adds that more people tend to take vacations during this time, especially young donors.

"People who are in school and who are donors, and who sometimes make up to 25 percent of our donor base, they are out of school and are vacationing."

All this lead to the creation of Pint for Pint 31 years ago. Botos said just one pint of blood could help three or more people in the Central Valley.

"One pint of blood can also make the difference of extending a life long enough for a patient and a family to be able to say thank you and goodbye," said Botos.

The hope was that a pint of Baskin Robbin's ice cream in exchange for a pint of blood would entice more people to donate. The formula has proven successful.

"What its replaced with is not only the pint of ice cream but the incredibly good feelings that come with saving a life," said Botos.
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