Students at Fresno's CTEC High School design new book cart for "Reading Heart" organization

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A book-donation program dedicated to serving children in areas with limited access to books now has a better tool to help them.

A new book cart designed by students at CTEC High School in Fresno was given to the organization in a special reveal ceremony at the school.

Danay Ferguson is the founder of the non-profit Reading Heart. She founded the program when she was eight years old. She's now 13 years old and was thrilled to see the cart for the first time.

"This section is another table that lays flat on top with the legs hiding underneath", Ferguson said.

With the table pull out option they can lay books out for kids at a height that will still allow them to see the covers.

Danay says the best part about the new cart is its ability to transport lots of books very easily. "So, it'll help us by cutting down our time from unloading and loading the books and just from laying the books out."

Danay says it's wonderful that kids from CTEC were able to help design something that will help give back to kids throughout the Fresno County area. The Reading Heart Youth Board is also made up of just kids who want to make a difference in the community and help others around them.
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